About what?
 About damn time I wrote an about page. Get it?it? No? Never mind. Usually I'm funnier. I promise.
Well, Hey there! 
That's me. I'm the face behind junkwire. I am Gayathri Ramanathan. South Indian, 18 year old, college student. If you would like to know more about me, or if you would like to stalk me, go back to where it all began. That is code for blog entry 1.We are all full of stories to be told. This blog is me telling mine. Its pretty awesome. But you'll just have to trust me and take my word for it. Cause these are still early days and the awards haven't started pouring in. yet. That might have something to do with the fact that I'm very erratic, irregular and painfully slow when it comes to updating this blog. So be sure to follow, so you don't miss out when I do finally update. :)
Basically me. About this blog and winning. :P
So while We wait for some authority to confirm how funny and awesome this blog is...I have the next best thing. screenshots of some amazing people, my readers, telling you exactly that. 
Now, do you believe me? 

What junkwire is actually about.
It's about junk, and random things , and crazy stories that I just have to tell, because the world deserves to know this. All that junk is tied together in one wire, the internet cable, because I have firm faith in the internet. Hence the name. Yes, I don't really get it either. So it's a lot of ranting, and a lot of it is drawn from my personal experiences some of it is borrowed, all of it is mind blowingly insane.
10 Reasons you should follow me:
1. I make lists.
2. I am smart, way too smart, and by smart I mean completely manipulative. So you know I'll trick you into following me anyway. You might as well accept defeat now.
3. I live in Asia, India, A third world democracy. Specifically, South India. Which automatically makes me far more interesting than you. I'm even multilingual. Impressed yet?  Idli, sambar, vada, chai, Filter coffee, it only happens in India anyone?
4. I have travelled and lived in multiple countries. sort of. I was in kindergarten at the time and remember none of it, but who cares? I'll just fabricate facts and make up the rest. let's blame the Alzheimer's that is my childhood on acute self inflicted brain damage due to the hours I spend reading text in tiny font sizes on my ipod. That's what my parents would do. I've learnt from the best. They really are amazing people though, and I mean that, in the most non sarcastic way possible, mom.
5. I'm a jobless idiot who has a weird thing for animals. Not that kinda weird thing. Just stay tuned for the posts.
6. I'm evilly nice, sweet in the most twisted way possible. I type "okayy" with not just one, but two y's instead of 'k'. If that's not sweet, I don't know what is.
Every professor ever: "I want this assignment done by tomorrow"
My mom: "Clean your room."
Friend:" I broke up with him."
Best friend:"I'm a complete failure at life."
Random person I know:"I'm dying of multiple organ failure."
Text from a random number:" I hid the body. Now what?"
Me:"oka.. Who is this??"
*and more importantly, which body?*
You get the idea...I'm not an asshole, trust me. I'm a very sweet caring person, who will listen to all your problems, even if I don't know you, at all. Just ask all the random people who end up tell me their life's deepest darkest secrets on Facebook. Also, Did you notice how I said I love you guys for being here on this blog and reading this all by yourself, without me putting a gun to your head? Wait, I forgot to say that, it's the Alzheimer's again. I apologise in advance in case I forget your birthday, or if I accidentally blow up your house because I forgot to turn off the gas.
7. I study electronics and communication engineering, it's weirder than you think. Enough said.
8. I think crazy runs in my family. I'll tell you their stories as well.
9. I'm always right. Remember what I said about being funny? No? You just don't get my humour. Oh well, at least I was right about being manipulative enough to get you to follow me already. What?! You haven't hit follow yet? Jeez. You're at number 9. You know you want to follow me. Just do it.
10. Very Occasionally, I make sense, I write a meaningful, thoughtful post about discovering yourself and life that really strikes a chord. This usually gets so deep, you might have to doggy paddle. If it wasn't for the brain damage, I might have authored a self help book.
Finally, what I'm trying to say is, I actually managed to complete that list. If any of those reasons got your spidey senses to start tingling, please follow me. Even if they didn't tingle, just follow me. I'll try and make it worth your while. I'm on bloglovin, and you can always subscribe via email too. While you're here, you might as well, lemme know, leave a comment or share the posts you love. :)


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