Friday, 28 March 2014

HAPPINESS among other lies

firstly, it's overrated.
Secondly, it simply doesn't exist.
i'm basing that second part on an extremely insightful quote from the novel shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. Also because me, you,(assuming you are positively human, that is), Angelina Jolie, your crazy neighbor's cousin's best friend's psychotic twin, Chris Martin and superstar rajnikant, ( if you don't know who that is, Google him ), all fall under the same dissatisfied, grumpy species, 'Homo sapiens sapiens.' Robert Downey Jr is an exception. :)  But being human is only the secondary reason, getting back to my literary example,
 "happiness is a myth. It was invented to make us buy new things."
    There. That's the truth you're staring at. On your LCD High definition screen. With great resolution. We're all trying to be happy,we buy the next brand new shiny gadget we don't need and hope it fills our hollow hearts. We overindulge our hearts with that big box of chocolate ice cream. We actually buy those designer shoes with the cute silver bow because its on sale! Etc..We're people. And we believe these things'll make us happy.we couldn't be more wrong. why? well, isn't it obvious?! all the things i named above could be attributed to eating disorders, shopaholism, manias, phobias, maybe even obesity or diabetes in the near future. That is the most obvious answer I came up with. And the not so obvious answer would be, Happiness always appears to be around the corner,but when you get's only a mirage. A mirage, I like to call 'pleasure'.
   After a little bit of contemplation, I saw another perspective, something else we mistake for happiness. prosperity and/or promotion. let me explain that...spoiler alert! high school is going to suck almost as much as middle school, and life definitely doesn't get better either, oh yeah, its supposed to. college should be fun. but No. That is not gonna happen for you. And no, the universe has no toll free customer service lines for complaints because it certainly doesn't employ a small nation of call center employees who will 'thank you' for calling. No one wants to hear you crib. 

And're not going to be happy just because you got that new job, or because you just signed a record deal, or because you're going to get the Nobel peace prize, not even if you're on your way to become a movie star. Maybe we do this because we're taught to dream of materialistic goals and chase those dreams. But in reality we're only chasing our own tails if we equate achieving goals or prosperity with finding happiness. Why? Because we always have second thoughts.We hardly ever find happiness in achieving a materialistic goal or buying a fancy gizmo cause after the primary moment of joy, the congratulations and the well deserved pat on the back,  that feeling of victory fades and gives way to the sEcOnD tHoUgHt, the "what next?!". and then we find something new to chase, all over again. In a tiresome full circle. What'd I tell you? Chasing tails...and yet, dogs have better lives, less complicated, fun, simple don't ever see one wearing a wrist watch, the words of Jerry Seinfeld, if I'm not wrong. Anyway, You guys ever heard these 'live fast', 'play hard' , die young' sort of mottoes? I believe in those. You know what I don't believe in? Riding off into the sunset happily ever after. 

There's never been a more cliched phrase, in my opinion. Why must we go looking for happiness? Life is a canvas, and we're all artists. So what if that sounds a little too cliched and overused?? At least I didn't write life is a stage and plagiarize Shakespeare in my rant right?? Anyway, like i was saying we are artists, Trying to paint a story, so maybe we're not artists, we're writers. I confuse myself sometimes, okay, most times. but we're all hoping for a happy ending, a pretty picture. we want to be in control, but we're lost, alone, angry and afraid. Some of us, strengthened by passion fight those demons and find a way. The rest of us are clueless and conquered. life isn't fair, and this world isn't perfect, it may never be. and we don't always understand what's happening, but when that seems to be the case, take the swing and let it propel you.

You might not find true happiness, that's probably hidden way too deep for my liking, but you can always steal a little bit of joy, experience art, culture, music and food. Smile a little, and enjoy traveling, because its not about the destination, it's about the journey.
 Take a timeout. Stop worrying. Read a book, and escape into the protagonists life. Take time to skim through the comic section in the newspaper. Slow down, enjoy food, remember what you had for dinner last night. Let music flood your senses, let culture consume you. Dance around a little. Skip the treadmill once in a while for the great outdoors. Don't race down. Paint a picture. Or just admire. Don't judge. Because when you aren't drowned out by worldly chaos, you experience life. I cannot promise you peace or satisfaction, but you'll live in the moment, the present,you'll be joyous, and maybe, just maybe, you might even be happy. :)

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