Thursday, 30 October 2014

Books and I - Definitely the best love story

      This little place on the internet has become a church of sorts, what with all the confessing I do here. I told you about how I might just be stalking you, I even told you I was manipulative and evil. So in order to keep the tradition alive, I'm back with yet another confession, except of course, this is probably far less scandalous. I was that kid who hid a novel in her text book to read in class, (I got caught too. Plenty of times. Obviously, I'm not as sneaky as I'd like you to believe I am. Stealth mode, definitely not one of my strongest suits. But that's besides the point, I was that kid who spent the entire night, up, reading with the light from my phone, before I discovered eBooks. You know how, when you're in the tenth grade or the 12th grade in this country and your parents decide to pack up your TV and dump it in the attic, so that you could concentrate on your studies? Yeah, My parents bought one of those new big screen TV's that were all the rage back then, and refused to let me renew my library membership. Yeah, I was that kid. And that kid resurfaces whenever she gets the chance.
To compensate for the easy confession, I give you this. Very awkward photographic evidence of that kid. At 5 years old. In the natural habitat.
Notice how I look so distracted, Yes, that is just how happy I am. Extremely.
    Books are my home. My haven. My heaven. They were there for me when humanity was just too much to deal with. When I was in a happy place, When I was in a sad place. It didn't matter. Fiction was always there. Books were my addiction, When reality became too much and too dull to bear, I had a way out, Fiction. I lived the protagonists life, in a different world, in a different place, in a different dimension of time and space, I lived it out, and then that fixed me. The adrenaline, the adventure and just that rush that comes from reading, at a stretch, of escaping your own boring, dull, sometimes even depressing and dark life and knowing that you may never really face the kind of mystery, magic, and macabre that you just lived, but knowing, Knowing in your heart, that you did just live all that, and you lived  it to the fullest.  That is what books are to me, a drug.

   The only thing that could possibly be better than books, was free books, and hence I naturally applied to be a part of the book review program on, a couple of weeks ago. And I guess they figured that I was that kid who pitched  up a small tent for herself and lived at the local library on summers, because they sent me an email saying I had been shortlisted!
So, Then I went ahead and did exactly this.
    In the email, they told me that I had been selected to review "God Is A Gamer" by Ravi Subramanian and that I would receive the book shortly. I'm pretty sure they instantly regretted sending me this email, because then I got anxious and proceeded to thoroughly stalk and spam them until my shipment finally arrived last Friday.

Then, Obviously, I did this. You get the idea.

 Did I mention?? IT'S A SIGNED COPY TOO!!!
I was grinning, A little creepily.

  So, In the next, post, Which I plan to put up later tonight or early tomorrow, You can read my review of "God Is A Gamer" by Ravi subramanian,because I finished it days ago, and have been dying to write this and put it up, what with all the exams at college. But the wait is over now!!!
click here to read my book review.

P.s: I'd like to thank blogadda for this and for putting up with my extreme level of anxious stalking.

Are you a reader? What is your one addiction? Were you able to relate to the thrill that comes with reading that I talked about? or are you that kid who always fell asleep when he touched a book, and secretly believes that the world has conspired against you and secretly sprayed every book with chloroform? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Well this addiction is one thing i can relate to!! -kyle

    1. It's a good addiction! In fact the best kind there is! :)

  2. When I am told to stop reading books and Go out to play or something. I am like " If I could I would, I can't so I shan't"..

    1. Haha. Yes. We never can stop, can we? Everytime I got caught reading in class and the book was confiscated, I'd be more upset that I now couldn't finish the book than about having gotten into so much trouble. I was obviously the star student at school!

  3. I can totally relate :) Books are my obsession,my horcrux,the keys to my paradise :)

    1. And the best part is, you never really know, they're keys to wonderful paradises, and each time you open one, you get sucked into a whole new amazing world of possibilities and it lasts, lingers in your heart even after you finish it. Books are whole secret lives. :)

  4. Books are my addiction actually...I love reading books...My weekends are only packed with books and no office work....Thanks for the information of such a wonderful book...

    1. That's really nice Shreya. We have become a nation of workaholics and most people don't realise how important it is to take some time off, and just sit down with a good book to enjoy ourselves. Hope you enjoyed "God is a gamer" by Ravi subramanian. Do leave me your thoughts of the book in the comment section of my review of it. :)
      And You're welcome! Do check in once in a while, I hope to review more interesting reads in the future, or maybe you might find something else here to rejuvenate you on a lazy Sunday morning. Either way, you should drop by. ;)


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