Thursday, 18 June 2015

10 People Every Book Worm Secretly Hates

  Remember when I talked about how much I love reading? That probably didn't surprise you much. But love is only appreciated when it is contrasted with hate. like how you only notice the light when it gets real dark. (Clearly, I had to resist the urge to copy paste the lyrics of let her go by passenger here. I'll still link you though. ) So in this post you'll see the flip side of me. The hateful annoyed underbelly of me.
Basically, this version of me.
 There’s a very particular set of people who really annoy the avid reader in me.  These people just effortlessly land in my hate list. These little peeves just drive me nuts.  If you’re one of these people, I HATE YOU. If you’re not on my list, you’re probably me, albeit a different version of me. And we can be best friends. If you are on my hate list though, don't worry about it too much, because most of us book worms have a hate list and then a kill list.  

 #1 Are you one of those people who live in a city that has book fairs where you can buy books ‘by weight’, Like x dollars for a kilo of books and the like? And you and I are friends on social media where you post pictures of the 27 books you bought for like 10 dollars? I HATE YOU.

#2 Are you one of those people who owns a cozy bar or a nice little café or restaurant? Where you thought it’d be nice to line up the walls with fake books as décor? I HATE YOU.
#3 Are you one of those people who borrow books from me and then promptly pack up and move across the country to some unknown secret state and I have no way to track you down? I HATE YOU.

#4 Are you one of those people who borrow books from me and lend it to other people only to tell me that the other person has lost my book after I’ve asked you for my book back like 15 times already? I HATE YOU. You really suck. And the worst part is I’m too nice a person to even be mad at you because it was the other person who lost my book, not you. Nevertheless, I secretly hate you.

#5 Are you one of those people who like to point out that I have no boyfriend and no life because I read too much crime fiction? I HATE YOU.
#6 Are you one of those people who like to tell me they love reading, and then later clarify by saying they read a lot of magazines and newspapers? I HATE YOU. And for the last time, reading magazines and newspapers is not the same thing as reading books. You’ll feel the difference when I smack you in the face with a real book.
#7 Are you one of those people who see me intently reading a book and interpret this as ‘not really doing anything worthwhile’ and choose exactly then to tell me about all the adorable cute things your crush is always doing. I HATE YOU.

#8 Are you one of those people with exceptional memory who catch me periodically rereading books and shoot me judgmental looks and say things like “I thought you already read that book” or “Why don’t you find something new read?” or even sarcastically ask “How slow do you read?”. I HATE YOU.  And I have one word for you, ALWAYS.  I will always reread that book. And I’ll hope I have selective amnesia and forget it so I can reread it all over again like it was the first time I read it. Because guess what, it’s better than Falling in love.

#9 Are you my mom who thinks I should really put my book down and be more social and say hello to the aunt who came over who I know is just aching to tell me that the last time she saw me, I was two feet tall? I HATE YOU. Okay, I don’t hate you. I kinda love you. But I’m social enough and all that, Mom. I even liked that aunt’s status about parenting on Facebook. That’s as social as I get. 

Did I miss anyone on your hate list? What’s your book worm pet peeve? Did you find yourself on my hate list? Do you know someone who has crossed the book worm in you? Let me know in the comments below!

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