Friday, 17 October 2014

This Post Is To Say That I'm Not Giving Up On Us

I have a confessions to make.
I shall call it the stalkinator

     I am a stalker. But I've found a perfectly good reason to justify my stalker behaviour. And the reason is love. Yes, let's blame everything on love. Because obviously love is to blame for Ebola and global warming as well. I love you people, my readers. And you just don't give up on that kind of love. That is why I'm stalking you now. Because, I love you.
Don't pretend like you don't do it.
    This is also why, I tirelessly urge you to follow me on blogger, follow me on bloglovin or subscribe to the email list, so that we may properly stalk each other, and so that you don't miss out on new posts. 
This picture is a pretty accurate representation of me trying to get people to subscribe to my blog
Minus the cuteness.
    Yet many of you have still managed to efficiently evade my relentless stalking claiming that email is so ten years ago and nobody uses it anymore anyway except at work and for school. And that's only because those stuck up institution heads just won't switch to social networking.  And because I know and understand that many of you are just as lazy as I am and don't want to sign up for bloglovin, I have decided to bring junkwire to you. By means of magic, among other things.  junkwire is now on the wonderland of social networking sites, Facebook! Here's a link to the new facebook page! Told you I was a stalker. 
You have to follow me
Now you have no excuse.
So Now go show some love and hit that like button, because I won't give up on us, until you all give in to my charming witty humour and incessant stalking.
NO. I won't.

What social networking site are  you a cheerleader of?!Facebook, Twitter, pinterest? Did you hear that orkut has pulled it's shutters? were you on orkut? Have you heard of orkut? What are your thoughts on social networking and stalking?? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Hello young lady! I find your work very interesting! Do continue blogging.

    1. Definitely. :) Is it weird that I read your comment in my british accent? ;) :P


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