Saturday, 31 May 2014

You Should Know What I Did Last Summer...

  It was the summer after high school, But I never met that guy who would eventually become my 'one that got away'. Most probably because I'm not secretly Katy Perry. Despite owning bright pink and purple hair extensions. But then I also spent those days lying on the couch watching daytime television. And binge eating. So sue me. You only live once.

Little did I realise that my life would eventually turn into a depressing dark pit hole where I would spend 4 insufferable years at college and then work until I die, assuming I can get a job. Or finish college for that matter. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. So there I was, letting the last summer of my life slip away in front of my own eyes. Not that they were open much. I slept at least 12 hours a day back then. Oh, I tried, to never get out of bed, but unfortunately, the ice cream was in the freezer. enough said.
  Oddly, it still turned out to be quite an eventful summer, despite my best efforts. 
  Because one morning noon, I woke up, and looked for my not-so-smart good old fashioned slide out qwerty phone, just as many other people used to do back in the day, A.K.A last year. Okay, you got me, the rest of humanity had smart phones, and whatsapp and truecaller. But I'm a closet hipster and I like retro old fashioned things. No, for real, ask your grandpa, can I have his hand me down? 
So eventually, on that beautiful sunny day, as the birds sang and flew outside my apartment, mostly just crows, I managed to successfully locate my phone. And I was greeted with one new text, That I had received at exactly 2AM the previous night. From an unknown number. I opened it. And This was all it said: 
" I hid the body. Now what? "
To say the least, I was a little confused. I did not run a clean up business for ax murderers and psychopaths, the last time I checked. Nor did any of my other personalities. Besides I would remember, if I killed someone. Right? 

Anyway, I figured, this was just the sort of thing that would happen to me. So, I made a number of calls and asked around to see if any of my friends recognized the number. Because, I figured it just had to be one of my friends messing with me. And I hadn't discovered truecaller back then. But to be perfectly honest, Life was way more fun before truecaller. Truecaller is an overly protective third parent that nobody needs. meanwhile back in the story, My Canvas turned up negative. No one knew the number. Or so they claimed.
So I switched gears. I did what any level headed rational person would do. I texted back.
To be continued....

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 Have you ever received weird texts? How would you respond to that text, if you'd gotten it? Do you hate cliffhangers? Let me know. Leave a comment.

Actually,You don't have to wait that long, continue reading part two here...I'm putting in the link because I'm super awesome,. Go on click it. :P

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