Saturday, 30 November 2013

Blog entry 1

Who am I?
I'm a confused seventeen year old college kid who's got no idea whatsoever about what happiness, faith, love, hope, destiny, (add some more of life's idiosyncrasies here) are all about. And I, not any different from most other twerps, attribute that to the fact that my understanding of all of the above arises from soppy rom-com movies.
- Sherlock Holmes
 TBH: I've got too much time on my hands and have got no idea what to do with my life. So Welcome to my blog, people, aliens, drones, and humanoids.
What do i believe in? Besides aliens, drones and humanoids? Talking battle monkeys. they're real, unlike Super smart CIA mice, and intelligent dolphins.thats just that we got that part cleared up, the not so serious stuff I believe in? So herein,referring to these next few lines talks the sage in me. I believe in people, and their dreams. And i believe in people who dance along with the storm, instead of fight against it too.I belong to the second category myself.i believe in friendship, family, and in individuality. i believe in ideas.I believe in change. and in changing the world.
cHaNgE! :D
In case you caught the reek of city blood, in my dream big, change the world rant, its true. I'm a city bred confused 17 yr. old. don't get me wrong I'm all up for fresh crop circles and the country side, but,the big city lights, the metro skyline,set along a classic sea shore, where UFO sightings are written off as your neighbor's last years christmas decorations are way more my kinda thing.getting back to the point,  I believe in god, because god is a source of strength. But most of all, I believe in life. I believe it's about cherishing art, culture, music, dance and lifestyle.. And this blog, is about my idea of life. Emphasis on "idea".
    So, my life. I'm not gonna put out my personal history, or geography. I'm starting out as a blogger. Not Kim kardashian's protege. So just some interests. I love reading. Fiction. Mostly crime.solving. I also enjoy writing. Duh! I love Sherlock Holmes.the books are pure genius. Thank you, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. And Robert Downey Jr. plays Holmes in the movies! i'll hit the ground before you can say "dr.watson!", that goes without saying.I'm artistic. I love music.all kinds of it, Coldplay. I like singing,I play the keys,still a bit of a beginner though. I watch tv shows. I make a very convincing NORMAL 17yr old, don't I?
My limited art skills :P
 Huge castle fan. i watch The vampire diaries, pretty little liars (although,the plot is just pure annoying), masterchef, the big bang theory,etc. I'm a huge fan of this comic strip called "Calvin and Hobbes" by bill watterson, about a introspective, funny, quirky, imaginative, naughty, creative ( thats a hell lot of adjectives for a fictional 6yr old, but such is life) 6yr old boy and his stuffed toy tiger which comes to life, only around him. I've got two left feet with roller skates on, when it comes to I guess I've got my own spin on That.I like and subscribe to a lot of YouTube channels. I must add, I believe in the Internet. Art, I admire. Although my skills at painting are a bit *cough* challenged, I must admit. I think that food and culture are entwined, for eternity. #Truelove.And what's to say? I love food. Everybody loves food. one of my simpler devious schemes for world domination involves taking over the worlds supply of a universal staple - bread. Uh-oh! shouldn't have said that. Back to the old drawing board for me. oh well, now to food's one true love, culture.I respect culture, and tradition, with a slight seasoning of the contemporary.
So, that's about me and my interests, and in this blog, you'll see me talk about all of the above and more. In detail. Im a scatterbrain .You'll hear me crib, critique, complain, review, analyse,psychoanalyze, admire, and appreciate the world. So quite simply this could be a blog about everything and nothing. Because there are no boundaries. And I'm not going to outline any theme to it. Except for simpleminded randomness.junk.hence junkwire. And all along this blog, is my opinions, and I don't mean to hurt anybody.cause I happen to believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions too! :D 

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